Waffen-SS Infantryman Set

Waffen-SS Infantryman Set

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not include head sculpt and body

M35 Metal Helmet
M43 Field Blouse
M43 Trousers
Autumn Oak Leaf Camo Smock (Tarnjacke)
Leather like boots
SS Equipment Belt
Combat Suspenders
Autumn Oak Leaf Camo Helmet Cover
Shovel w/Carrier
Kar98k Ammunition Pouch
Kar98K Rifle
M31 Breadbag
M31 Mess Tin
M31 Canteen
S84/98 Bayonet with Bayonet Scabbard
A Frame Pack « Sturmgepack »
Rolled Zeltbahn
M38 Gas Mask Can
1939 Wound badge in silver
Infantry Assault Badge
Wiking division cufftitle

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